Don’t be “that guy.”

Find your tribe.

Is that a “thing?”

Nowadays it’s easy to let people, situations, and…yes…even mindless expressions…define you.
But here’s the thing: DON’T!

Don’t let ANYTHING define you. Resist that tendency. Because the more you get cornered and labeled, the more you get pigeonholed and marginalized…limited…stuck. And no one does that to you better than you. Defy being defined…DEFY-ne!

Nope. Don’t be defined by brands, beliefs, biases, colors, flavors, talents, weaknesses, habits, routines or styles. Resist being corralled by words, thoughts, feelings, titles, careers, dogmas, ideologies and pet peeves. Never think of yourself as locked into relationships, social circles, favorites, preferences, desires, dreams, successes, failures or mistakes. Even in things you didn’t choose or you don’t have control over, like family, friends, neighbors, rivals, adversaries and enemies…refuse to see yourself as the sum total of what’s around you.

At the same time, don’t be hemmed in by goals, objectives, drama, assumptions, expectations, fears, threats, pleasures, compulsions, obsessions or addictions. Refuse to think of yourself as predominantly competitive, aggressive, ambitious, opportunist, lazy, vulnerable or invincible. And never be limited by history, poverty, prosperity, attitudes, achievements, awards, nor your reputation as it stands in the moment.

Defy being defined! Any time you get comfortable or complacent, change it up. Be open to what’s not immediately in front of you. Demand different. Keep it fresh. Keep them guessing…keep yourself guessing! Because every time you allow yourself to be reined in, you’re limiting your awareness of new experiences, new possibilities, new happiness.

Sure hometowns and  home teams, alma maters and political parties have a place on the landscape. But if they’re forcing you to think and do and be like everyone else…bang a U-ey*, do a 180, roll down the windows, hit the gas, hold on tight and rediscover the exhilaration of the open road. It can take you places you’ve never been!

It’s too easy to be defined. Never settle. Push back. Question. Don’t be intellectually lazy. Stay hungry! Relish the raw. Savor the surprise. Renegotiate reality and claim what makes you never-endingly unique!

Easy to say? Don’t talk or think about it. Do it. It’s in your DNA.

Morph. Grow. Evolve.


*Bostonian for “make a U-turn!”
  Read all of my thinking out loud at!

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